Feral Fruits

There's this awesome website with a google map on it where you can find fruit trees in Melbourne that are technically public property. Apparently fruit lying outside the boundary of private property for instance on a branch hanging over a fence is considered to be public property and therefore anyone can legally take the fruit. You can also pin your location if you have some extra fruit your want to share. Check it out here.


Snack Bag

I really want to make some little bags and sandwich wraps for my lunch to go in. How much nicer would it be eating your lunch out of one of these little gems rather than plastic wrap. Better for you and the environment. Win Win.

 You can buy these little charmers and many others over here at Bleuroo's Esty store.


Urban Pantry

Urban Pantry is a not-for-profit organisation working to transform central Auckland with edible gardens. They transform wasted urban spaces like rooftops and vacant land into flourishing urban gardens.  So if you know of a space that could be used as an Urban Pantry go here and tell them. They also run workshops and are always looking for people to get involved so head over to their website and say hello.


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