Time to Shwop!

Stumbled across this charming event via Good Magazine and I am so attending!

The idea is a simple one - you bring along your unwanted, barely worn, quality,fashionable clothes, and exchange them for any of the other lovely threads on offer. This is ethical shopping girls so no need to feel guilty when you come home with a dress or two in tow. 

Music, Wine and Eco goodies yes please!

Go here to find out more.


Feral Fruits

There's this awesome website with a google map on it where you can find fruit trees in Melbourne that are technically public property. Apparently fruit lying outside the boundary of private property for instance on a branch hanging over a fence is considered to be public property and therefore anyone can legally take the fruit. You can also pin your location if you have some extra fruit your want to share. Check it out here.


Snack Bag

I really want to make some little bags and sandwich wraps for my lunch to go in. How much nicer would it be eating your lunch out of one of these little gems rather than plastic wrap. Better for you and the environment. Win Win.

 You can buy these little charmers and many others over here at Bleuroo's Esty store.


Urban Pantry

Urban Pantry is a not-for-profit organisation working to transform central Auckland with edible gardens. They transform wasted urban spaces like rooftops and vacant land into flourishing urban gardens.  So if you know of a space that could be used as an Urban Pantry go here and tell them. They also run workshops and are always looking for people to get involved so head over to their website and say hello.


Cute Little Flags

I made these cute as flags so easily and so can you! 

 Paint four strips of colours

Fold it in half then cut little triangles

Glue them on to a piece of string

I put mine on a present but you can stick them anywhere


Eat on a Tree

Ok this is not green at all as the tree is a life size concrete rendition of a Gajumaru Tree.
But it's amazing! It has an elevator in the trunk which is a bit nuts.
You can find this in Okinawa, Japan. Of course.


Knitted Wooly Head

Recently I just shaved off all my long locks and I always used to have a braid in my hair in one way or another. Now that my hair is so short I cannot make any braids and I miss them dearly. But now....I can make one of these braided wooly head bands and so can you. Go here and find out how. So simple.


Paper Box

Check out these jazzy little boxes we made with old newspapers and a few staples. So incredibly easy to make and you could even try it with some other kind of paper or paint the newspaper. I'm going to make them with some Harakeke (flax) when I get back to New Zealand. I like the bigger one because I can fit it on my head and wear it as a hat. Not that I would...but I could. If you go here you can find out how to make your very own box hat or just a box.


New New Zealanders

Each year the NZ government allows 750 refugees to come to live in NZ. Obviously it would be hard to leave your home country and try start a new life knowing nobody and with next to nothing. Some people think refugees come to NZ because they think NZ would be a great place to live. That's not the case. War and ethnic, tribal and religious violence are the leading causes of refugees fleeing their own countries. When I was living in Melbourne I volunteered with a program who offered after school homework classes for young refugees. I loved being a part of the interaction between cultures. I learnt so much about their lives as they did about mine. There are so many programs like this available in NZ. All you need to do is give some of your time and it will make a world of difference in helping our New New Zealanders feel at home. 

Go here and you can find somewhere near you where you can help out. 

The first two pics are from this awesome blog with heaps of great stories and videos from all over the world you can find all this here.

Home for now

At the moment me and my mister are living in a little cottage in the mountains in Northern Thailand. Its quite the dream lifestyle here I'm not going to lie. Fresh fruit and vege's a plenty, slow, green and lush. We have so much free time here. It has been nice to live simply and simply be. We spend most of our days drinking tea, doing yoga, drawing, painting, reading and sleeping. Oh and we visit this little cafe all the time its out of town, quiet and the view is beautiful. 


Lemon Light

Imagine a couple of these little cute lemon candles lit up around the house during one romantic homemade dinner. Oh la la lemon.
You can make this! If you go here they will show you how. Lemony smelling goodness.


Tino Ataahua

Made by a New Zealand artist called Nga Waiata.
They are so incredibly beautiful. I cannot not express enough my desire to have one of these treasures.


These dresses by Snoozer Loser are all screen printed by hand with water based inks on eco-linen. I think they're pretty cute.


A Billion Leaves Begins

Today I woke up looked out the window and saw A Billion Leaves.


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