New New Zealanders

Each year the NZ government allows 750 refugees to come to live in NZ. Obviously it would be hard to leave your home country and try start a new life knowing nobody and with next to nothing. Some people think refugees come to NZ because they think NZ would be a great place to live. That's not the case. War and ethnic, tribal and religious violence are the leading causes of refugees fleeing their own countries. When I was living in Melbourne I volunteered with a program who offered after school homework classes for young refugees. I loved being a part of the interaction between cultures. I learnt so much about their lives as they did about mine. There are so many programs like this available in NZ. All you need to do is give some of your time and it will make a world of difference in helping our New New Zealanders feel at home. 

Go here and you can find somewhere near you where you can help out. 

The first two pics are from this awesome blog with heaps of great stories and videos from all over the world you can find all this here.

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